Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) is an organization that was established in 2008 by creative individuals and communities in Bandung. This organization was established in 2008, with the following aim: to nurture CREATIVITY as an effort to empower the ECONOMIC potentials, in order to improve the well-being of local CIVIL SOCIETY, to maintain the ECOSYSTEM, and to value the diversity of our CULTURE. BCCF was formalized on 21 December 2008 under the legal name: Perkumpulan Kreatif Kota Bandung (PKKB) and the brand name Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF)

The main potentials of Bandung as a Creative City are PEOPLE, PLACE, IDEAS. Intersections of these potentials create Built Environment with Business Potential, Active and Entrepreneurial Communities, and Social Innovation and Economic Value.

The incorporation of Social and Cultural Capitals of Bandung added by Urban Acupuncture concept and Design Thinking methodology, becomes the main Strategy for BCCF in conducting programs and activities, conference, festivals, and many more events, in an Inspirational Space: the City itself. All these activities leave constructive Footprints: Economic, Social Cultural, and Environmental /Artifact, which, if repeated and/or duplicated in many spots of the city, will have an effect on the citizens, who are becoming more familiar with creative contributions to the city. The increasing amount of such citizens will gradually form a Creative City.